by Mark Lindquist and Dr. Sara Robinson
is Now available on YouTube

SPALTED WOOD THE MOVIE by Mark Lindquist and Dr. Sara Robinson is on YouTube!

SPALTED WOOD THE MOVIE,” is a full length documentary video in eight parts, documenting the historic meeting of artist Mark Lindquist and artist/scientist Dr. Sara Robinson in June of 2017.

Spalted wood -- the material and the term itself -- was introduced into the American craft movement in the 1970s by woodturning pioneers Melvin and Mark Lindquist. Into a culture that expected wooden vessels to be straight-grained, sound, "good" wood, they introduced non-utilitarian vases and bowls made from wood in advanced stages of decomposition, displaying dramatic calligraphic black lines. Through Mel and Mark's attendance at craft fairs, demonstrations, participation in gallery exhibitions, and publication of articles about how to harvest and use spalted wood, the acceptance of the material by the public and by other turners gradually spread until it became a mainstay of the emerging American studio woodturning movement.
From the beginning of her studies in woodworking and art in the 1990s, Sara (Seri) Robinson was fascinated by spalted wood, and particularly by the color changes sometimes caused when fungi claim territory in decaying wood. She worked almost exclusively with spalted wood throughout her pursuit of an art degree from Northern Michigan University. Recognizing that there was no clear connection between the art world's conception of spalted wood and scientific research into wood pathology, she pursued postgraduate studies in wood science at Michigan Technological University, receiving her masters and PhD, bringing the art and science of this material together. Through her research, Seri has made astonishing discoveries about the properties of spalted wood pigments, redefined "spalting" based on an understanding of the biological phenomena that produce it, traced the history of the use of this material back to the Middle Ages, and opened up avenues for research into the potential practical uses of spalting pigments, such as in textiles, solar cells, and medicines.  Dr. Sara Robinson is also known as "Dr. Spalting."

by Mark Lindquist and Dr. Sara Robinson
Are available on YouTube as episodes:


Spalted Wood Part I: Dr. Spalting’s Journey

In "Spalted Wood: Part I," Dr. Sara (Seri) Robinson's visit to Lindquist Studios begins.
She talks about how spalted wood led her on a journey of discovery, from her use
of the material as an artist, through her historical and scientific research in
her graduate studies and now as a college professor.
She explains why she has redefined the term "spalted wood."

Spalted Wood Part II: Mel and Mark Lindquist

In "Spalted Wood: Part II," Dr. Sara Robinson and Mark Lindquist meet in the Lindquist Studios Gallery to discuss the Lindquists' role in introducing spalted wood into the craft world of the 1960s. Dr. Robinson talks about the significance of spalted wood and the work of the Lindquists in the development of the woodturning movement of the late 20th century.

Spalted Wood Part III: Understanding Spalted Wood

In "Spalted Wood: Part III," Dr. Sara Robinson talks about the various types of spalting fungi and the patterns and colors they produce. She talks about her work in the lab separating spalting pigments and the potential uses of these pigments. The video includes pictures of spalting, in raw wood, in the Lindquists' pieces, and through the microscope.

Spalted Wood Part IV: Mark and Seri Turn a Bowl

In "Spalted Wood: Part IV," Dr. Sara Robinson and Mark Lindquist begin working on a collaborative woodturning. Mark rough-turns the outside of the bowl.

Spalted Wood Part V: Seri and Mark Talk Turning

In "Spalted Wood: Part V," Dr. Sara Robinson and Mark Lindquist take a break from turning to discuss turning philosophies, techniques, and the "beginner mind." 

Spalted Wood Part VI: Seri and Mark Finish Turning

"Spalted Wood," a series of eight short videos, documents the historic meeting of artist Mark Lindquist and artist/scientist Dr. Sara Robinson in June of 2017.

Spalted Wood Part VII: Dyeing with Pigments

In "Spalted Wood: Part VI," Dr. Sara Robinson and Mark Lindquist continue work on the collaborative piece they are making at Lindquist Studios. The last section of this video shows Seri finish turning the bowl at Oregon State University a few days later. 

Spalted Wood Part VIII: The Past and Future

In "Spalted Wood: Part VIII," on the final day of her visit to Lindquist Studios, Dr. Sara Robinson and Mark Lindquist wrap up their discussions, talking about Seri's book, Spalted Wood, the early days of woodturning with spalted wood in the US, woodturning safety, and the future of Seri's research.

SPALTED WOOD is a collaboration between Mark Lindquist of Lindquist Studios and Dr. Sara Robinson, assistant professor at Oregon State University. SPALTED WOOD was filmed mainly at Lindquist Studios in Florida as well as at Oregon State University.

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by Sara C. Robinson (Author), Hans Michaelsen (Author), Julia C. Robinson (Author)
  For the first time, the history of spalted wood―wood coloration caused by fungi―is detailed in a comprehensive resource covering the science, the history, and the applications of spalting. Featuring 870 photos and photomicrographs, this resource goes back 700 years to the beginning of written records of spalting, and follows its evolution from closely guarded guild secret to scientific curiosity to a mainstream art form. Robinson, the leading world expert in spalting and founder of the topic's essential reference site, also presents an introductory guide to spalted woods from around the world. Along with supplier lists and an in-depth look at the most current, groundbreaking research in spalting today, there are full-color photos of spalted works from renowned artists like Mark Lindquist, David Ellsworth, Silas Kopf, and James Krenov, spanning the full spectrum of spalting colors and uses in woodcraft.


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